Wetrooms are becoming more popular and year-on-year we are designing and installing more than ever before. We do recommend that if you are thinking of having a wet room you give it some careful consideration to ensure it is the right solution for your bathroom renovation. Wetrooms will need more diligent cleaning and maintenance than your standard shower room or bathroom, with careful attention paid to the silicone, grout and drain. There is a great deal of extra work that has to go into the room preparation, compared to your standard shower tray with enclosure, but the end result is most certainly worth it, giving you a room with that ‘wow-factor’ and extra showering space with the showering area blending seamlessly with the rest of the room.

Some benefits of having a wet room are listed below:

  • No change in floor level when getting into the shower.
  • Gives your shower room a luxurious, stylish and contemporary feel.
  • Great option if you have a small bathroom as it allows for a larger showering space than a traditional tray and enclosure.
  • Their increasing popularity can mean having a wetroom installed adds to the value of your home.
  • Negates the need for a shower enclosure which is more difficult to clean.

When converting the space into a wetroom, there are several specific areas that need careful consideration. The ventilation and heating is important to prevent the whole room ending up as a steam room! The use of underfloor heating and heated towel rails are a great combined choice for heating. We also ensure the design and layout, together with product choice, will work with your new wetroom; after all, no one wants a soggy toilet roll from the toilet being too close to the showering area! During the installation we ensure the rooms are prepared correctly. All our wetrooms are tanked and have specialist wetroom formers installed, so the gradient we tile onto keeps the water where it is meant to be and nowhere else.

A wetroom is certainly the right choice if you would like to create showering space in a small downstairs cloakroom, increase the usability of your existing ensuite or just want to turn your bathroom into a spa-like haven.

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