Modern Accessible Wetroom

This accessible bathroom was designed and constructed to meet the needs of a lovely young man in his twenties with Cerebral Palsy who had had the same bathroom since he was 6 years old. Careful consideration was needed in designing this space, as a hoist track system was needed to transfer our client to the different areas and ensure plenty of room for whoever was going to be assisting him.

The large showering space was built from brightly coloured glass blocks, creating a focal feature for the room and a practical segregation that still allows for natural light to pass through. We used Impey’s linear wet tray former for the floor area in the shower, which provides a much sleeker look than the traditional square drain. We chose Aqualisa’s Smart Q shower, as it provides a personalised showering experience; remembering temperature preferences, using motion sensor technology and a separate remote.

The large washbasin can be easily moved up and down. This was a requirement as the showering chairs can vary in height, ensuring the room is future proof when his chairs are updated.

Overall, this room provides an inviting and uplifting space with no hint of being a clinical, hospital-type environment.

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