En-suite Bathrooms

Here at DeVal Bathrooms we recognise that not only is an ensuite bathroom a necessity in most family homes, but having an ensuite can also increase the value of your home when you come to sell it. We can help you update your existing ensuite, or create a new one from scratch within a bedroom that doesn’t currently have one.

With most ensuite bathrooms being smaller than the main bathroom we will help make sure all the room space is used to its full potential and our wide range of compact bathroom products that don’t project out as far as others can ensure you won’t have to compromise when choosing your bathroom suite. In a small space it really is in the detail and we advise solutions like having a low profile shower tray, hiding all plumbing and pipework, bringing radiator pipework out of the walls rather than the floor and choosing a wall hung toilet and basin, to ensure as much of the floor space is seen as possible. If the walls are studwork then we can create niches in and out of the showering area and also recess cupboards into the wall to create the feeling of as much space as possible.

We think it is fair to say that property developers involved in the rental market, renovation projects and even private landlords all realise the potential an ensuite brings to a project and this is as equally true in a private family home. Ensuite bathrooms now feature in nearly every new build, even in small homes or flats where there are only two bedrooms and some new homes even have ensuite bathrooms in two or more of the bedrooms. With ensuite bathrooms no longer seen as the luxury they once were, it will soon be the minority of homes without them and with that we can almost guarantee you wouldn’t choose a home without one if you have had the use of that all important extra bathroom in your current house.

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