A downstairs cloakroom is a bonus, especially if you do not have an ensuite in the house, as they offer a convenience to anyone who lives in the house, as well as your guests. We can help you to modernise your existing cloakroom and provide advice to anyone thinking about building one into their existing home or within a new extension.

Adding a cloakroom to your home may not seem possible, however the effort to create this additional, small but very practical space is more than justified. Here at DeVal Bathrooms we will offer resourcefulness in our detailed and considered planning and design, which ensures your new cloakroom is built in a space and to a size that meets your needs. Areas that allow for a cloakroom to be built could be within your current hallway, under the stairs or in an area of a room that is seldom used.

The main necessities in a cloakroom are a toilet and washbasin, however this can be extended to include a vanity unit, storage cupboards, clothes rack or a shower; a cloakroom can even be turned into a wet room if you would benefit from an extra shower but don’t have the space for a cubicle.

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