Bathroom Storage

At DeVal Bathrooms we haven’t come across anyone who wouldn’t benefit from some amount of extra storage in their bathroom, wet room, ensuite or downstairs cloakroom.

There is more choice than ever before to help with bathroom storage, and if you are lucky enough to have the space, then a stunning freestanding bathroom unit will give your bathroom that wow factor as well as a space to keep your toiletries. Alternatively, fitted units have the benefit of hiding unsightly pipe work, wall hung basin units will give you storage without losing any floor or wall space, and built-in shelving, into otherwise unused boxing, will ensure no space is wasted in your new bathroom.

If floor space is at a real premium and you don’t have the room available for conventional storage, then tall, floor-to-ceiling storage units or shelves provide excellent linear space saving alternatives. Other bathroom storage options include shelves, cupboards and niches that are built into existing walls or utilising the back of the bathroom door with towel hooks and hanging toiletry storage boxes.

When it comes to storage we are full of ideas and are proud of the manufacturers we use to achieve innovative bathroom storage solutions along with bespoke storage options to suit your needs.

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