4D Bathroom Design Experience

Design software

We have been using computer design software to design our bathrooms since we started in 2009. Since then, as technology has developed, generally so has the quality of designs and general overall design experience we can offer our clients.

Not only can we produce 3D designs to help you visualise how your new bathroom will look, we can offer you a 4D virtual reality experience of your new bathroom via a virtual reality head set.

We appreciate that investing in a new bathroom is a big decision and this 4D experience, together with 3D interaction and photo realistic designs, will ensure you are completely happy with your new bathroom layout, design and product choices before we start work.

Technology-led customer experience

The 4D virtual experience we offer is a powerful technology-led customer experience that places you at centre stage in your new bathroom. The futuristic, simulating headset with 110 degree viewing angles places you directly in your new bathroom, rather than being on the outside looking in through a screen. The response to eye movement is immediate, facilitating 360 degree head-tracking and interaction with moving elements of the room, including opening cupboards, looking inside drawers and stepping into showers.

The benefit of using any bathroom design software is that it lets you really get a feel for how your space will work and whether your bathroom product, tile and furniture choices complement each other. The most important thing it allows us to do, as professionals, is foresee any potential problems that could occur during the installation and allows us to modify the design effortlessly and without delay.

2D plans and elevations

We can also produce 2D plans and elevations from the same software that we use during the bathroom installation to make certain all measurements are followed and we can complete the job with as minimum amount of disruption as possible to your home and family.

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